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We're passionate about Fulton's Future and believe the arts have the power to make a huge impact in our small and amazing city. Ever since our organization was formed in 2012, we've proudly called Fulton home, and couldn't imagine being anywhere else! That's why we want to continue the success we've had throughout the years by bringing people together to help build the future of Fulton through the arts! 

Fulton's Future Project is a campaign with the goal of creating a new vision for the city through creative works of art & design, theatrical performances, and establishing a vibrant arts community. We are looking for people to join the arts and get involved so we can continue building on our success and go far beyond what we imagined possible in 2012. This is just the beginning of our Journey, and we hope it's a journey we can take together! Get involved today and change the world! 

What We're Planning

In 2016 we formed a committee with eager members of the organization and community to discuss how we can start a new conversation with the arts as a central driving force of change in our city. We focused on three core areas we felt needed to be addressed:

Community Engagement & Action
Beautification of Our City Landscapes and Architecture
Programming For Youth

We strongly believe that the arts can address these issues and fuel new innovation and collaboration within the community. With these goals specifically in mind, we began 2017 by developing a public art & mural component, and expanding our popular children's theatre program. We received a grant of $15,000 from the Shineman Foundation to help launch the Fulton's Future Project. Here is what we're currently engaged in and what we're planning: 

Community Vision Mural

The community vision mural is inspired by Artist Candy Chang's Before I die wall, an exhibit meant for  "residents who want to make a space in their community to restore perspective and share more with one another."  We've taken our mural to several local events so far this year and will continue to grow the conversation. Look for new locations and forms of the vision mural soon!

Art In the Wind Mural

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We will finish a mural project started in 2013 but never finished due to unforeseen circumstances with the project manager. This mural will be painted on individual aluminum pieces and assembled like a large puzzle. It will be an 8’ x 10’ mural of birds in flight designed to move with the wind and create a breathing piece of art to enhance a landscape. It will complement our Stained Glass Mural, a community project completed with the assistance of hundreds of participants at the 25th Annual Harborfest. A 9’ x 10’ recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it was made using the bottoms of recycled glass bottles and jars. The City of Fulton provided the steel frame to erect the mural which now stands in the northern entrance to the city at Indian Point Park. We are currently in the process of securing a permanent home for the Art in the Wind Mural.

Fulton Faces Mural

The Fulton faces Mural is part of a global initiative called Inside Out where people come together to take portraits for an initiative or cause. For the Fulton's Future Project, we chose to highlight 30 of Fulton's youth who are all part of the CNY Arts Center Family, most who we've seen grow through the organization over the years. We're thankful and honored for the opportunity to be part of developing so many youth. Current exhibit on display at city hall in Fulton. 

Children's Theatre Expansion


In 2017 we sharpened our focus on Children's theatre & programming. Because youth are the future, we want to do our part to help make that future as bright as possible. That means we're looking to create new opportunities to entice and attract youth to the arts. This year we brought Legally Blonde jr. (seen above) and are currently underway with what we anticipate will be our largest production to date with J.R.R Tolkiens The Hobbit on Novemeber 10th. If you'd like to be a sponsor for this event OR want to get involved,  please contact us today! 

Join Our Fall Fundraiser!

Join us on October 7th for an amazing night of comedy and the unveiling of our documentary that will explore what change looks like when a community comes together through the arts. Comedian Lucas Bohn will headline an amazing night of togetherness. All proceeds will benefit the Fulton's Future Project and will be used to continue the great work of so many dedicated to make life better in our community. Special shout out to the Gifford Foundation for granting us $5000 to make a video, and enabling us to engage with the community we love.

Get Involved Today!

We're looking for individuals in the area with a desire to help build the future of Fulton through the arts. We will be hosting a larger planning session and discussing new projects and collaborations in early fall TBD. If you're interested in attending or receiving info about Fulton's Future Project, please fill out the form below! 

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Project Organizers:
Nancy Fox
James Gulliver
Bill Grace
Marie Mankiewicz
Alice lamb