Comedian Lucas Bohn
Will Be Our Special Guest
at Our Fall Fundraiser Oct 7th! 

CNY Arts Center is happy to announce a night of hysterical comedy with nationally touring comedian Lucas Bohn.  Lucas will perform his one-man show “Lesson Plans to Late Night” live at the Oasis at Thunder Island in Fulton on October 7th!  If you’re a parent or teacher or coach you don’t want to miss this hilarious performance.  Doors open at 6pm! Food is included with ticket price & there will be raffles, door prize, and cash bar for the evening. Check out the link below for tickets! 

How It Started


Community residents and artists came together in April 2011 and formed as "ARTs pARTners"  to raise awareness of the economic and cultural benefits of the arts and establish an arts center in Central New York. The performing arts were represented by members of the former Port City Theatre and Fulton Community Theater producing shows in Jubilee Hall at Holy Trinity Church at the time, and Fulton Art Association advocated for visual artists.

We spent the first year attracting attention from all segments of the arts - visual, literary, and performing arts. Members promoted a variety of mediums and passions during local events and in public programs, all in pursuit of a roof over our heads to begin programming.

In June 2012 we were offered space at State St. United Methodist Church in Fulton where we had access to three basement classrooms, two kitchens, and a large capacity dining hall. We even had our own separate entrance where we could put up a sign and invite the public in.

In May, 2013 we expanded again with an Art Gallery in Downtown Fulton at 47 S. 1st St across from the gazebo next to the Oswego river. A year later we began a partnership with Cayuga Community College and moved the center and the gallery into the old Fashion Bug store at River Glen Plaza (Formerly Kmart). We immediately gained ample parking, easy access and great exposure.  We converted the Gallery downtown into a studio space for art classes.  

The collaboration with CCC brought us a professional image almost immediately with the presence of our stage in a newer, more modern facility, and we're excited to see the potential of that space. We have just begun exploring our partnership with the college, and we're excited for what that partnership can do for this community in the future. 


All Arts, All Ages!


That's right! We try to allow creativity to move to its own beat! Different artists and age ranges have different media of choice, so we work hard to find ways we can compliment those artists when they arrive in such beautiful diversity. Whether its aligning the community with classes they're interested in, or throwing them a mic and letting them use our stage, the possibilities start and end with the individual. Join the arts today and create your community.


Visual Arts

We offer many different venues for visual artists at CNY Arts Center. We have exhibit space being filled year round, and we have an art shop where we offer the community space to display and sell their work. We often get information on vending opportunities and frequently receive inquiries on commissioned work, which we then forward to our artists! We hope there's some way we can help you on your journey. Click button below to find out how we can help. 

Performing Arts

We have a stage so we use it! We are proud to book shows year round in music, theatre, and other venues that come our way. One of our goals from the very beginning was that our stage would be shared throughout the community, and we're continually giving others the opportunity to utilize our resources to reach their audiences and grow. On top of that, we have large scale productions that are widely attractive throughout CNY!  Find out what we're up to next! 


Literary Arts

We like to celebrate authors and aspiring writers at CNY Arts Center! That's why we host a once monthly writer's cafe where the community can get together, share work, network, and talk about their current projects. We also host Author Spotlights to showcase new authors, give their book exposure, and learn the intentions behind their work. Join the discussion today. Newcomers welcome! 

Culinary Arts

We've held culinary art classes since we first started offering programs in the arts, and we haven't stopped offering yummy treats since! There's something great about getting to eat your creation! We frequently offer  classes in food presentation and basic to advanced cooking instructions. If you're into learning a new skill while having delicious fun, check out our culinary classes!  

We Love CNY!


And we're happy to prove that even small towns can organize and come together to form something special. It means a lot that our goal of enriching the community through arts education and performance venues is still relevant and more powerful than ever. We're blessed by the response of the community to our efforts and are proud to call CNY home.